928 MAF-unit Repair

928 Mass Air Flow (MAF) Unit revision service

928-ecu-repair is able to provide a 928 MAF repair and rebuild service. The MAF Mass Airflow Meter is made by Bosch and uses a very precise technique to measure the actual airflow into the engine at any given moment.

It feeds this information to the LH ECU which adjusts the injection duty cycle based on the amount of air entering the engine (and other parameters). What happens sometimes is that the MAF feeds absolutely no data to the ecu. The no-data scenario is simple: the LH responds by using a fixed dutycycle at lower rpms and a slightly bigger at higher rpms. Just enought to get you home with a broken MAF. But what happens when the MAF is not completely dead, but sends wrong information? That is a completely different story. The LH things there is more or less air flowing into the engine and adjusts the injection cycle in a wrong way. This leads to total lack of power, massive fuel consumption, bad starting and almost no idle.

We have successfully replaced the MAF's old-style hybrid electronics by a modern design of our own, are able to rebuild most of the MAF components and are able to adjust the MAF so that it is completely according to factory specs. The final action we do is put it on our wind tunnel and make a performance graph comparing it o factory specifications.

We offer a 2 year warranty on replaced parts and labor. Any obvious abuse of the unit will render the warranty invalid. Modifications to the car's systems are beyond our control, and are at owners' risk. Please email us for a quotation for your MAF repair. Our preferred payment method is bank transfer (or Paypal for our international clients).

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