Bosch KTS301

Conversion KTS300 to KTS301

In the past, the Bosch Hammer KTS300 was the most prefered tool to read out information from the ECU's located in the car. Information like fault codes, control of the actuators, readout inputsignals, execute the knock test etc. Today you can buy these Bosch Hammers on several public sale sites for very attractive prices. But most of the time these hammers are equiped with the standard software module (KTS300). And with this standard software module you have limit access to diagnose functions on your Porsche (i.o.w. read fault codes only).

In the past, Bosch implemented a special software module for Porsche. With this special software module (KTS301) you can execute all tests described in the workshop manuals. When you insert this special module in the hammer, the hammer is upgraded to the KTS301. The special module supports the following cars: 928 S4/GT/GTS, 944 S2, 968, 964 C2, 964 C4, 993 (model < 1995), 993 (model >= 1995), 993 turbo, 993 targa.

928-ecu-repair designed a module to upgrade the Bosch Hammer KTS300 to a Bosch Hammer KTS301. You can remove the standard module from the hammer on the right site (press the rubber down, and remove the standard module with a screwdriver). Next insert carefully the new module in the hammer.

When you press on one of the six buttons of the hammer, after some time the following screen will be visible:

Today 928-ecu-repair has two versions of the software available:

  • German version 8.0 from 1995.

  • English version 8.1 from 1995.

  • If you have some questions , remarks or other issues about this subject, please contact us.

    New batterypack for KTS300/KTS301

    Of course the KTS tool isn't a new tool, after some time the batterypack breaks. The hammer is not able to charge the batterypack anymore. 928-ecu-repair offers you a new batterypack for a comfortable price.

    Hammer with batterypack.

    Batterypack only.

    Feel free to ask about our pricing of the batterypack.

    New cables for KTS300/KTS301

    Today if you are lucky, you can buy a hammer KTS300/KTS301 for a nice price on Ebay. But most of the time the cables are missing. 928-ecu-repair offers you three kind of cables:

  • Hammer KTS300/KTS301 towards 12P cable (model 928 '87/'88)

  • Hammer KTS300/KTS301 towards 19P cable (model 928,944,964,968,993)

  • Hammer KTS300/KTS301 towards 16P cable (model 993 only)

  • Feel free to ask about our pricing of these cables.

    Charger for KTS300/KTS301

    928-ecu-repair offers also a new charger for the KTS300/KTS301. The charger contains a connector (same connector as the diagnose cable) to charge the batteries inside the KTS.

    Charger connected to KTS301.

    8-Pins connector Charger - KTS301.

    Feel free to ask about our pricing of this charger.

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